■What are the contributions of Balıkesir International Breakfast Festival to the sector and the city economy?

It is an undeniable fact that fairs lead the advertising industry for one-to-one promotion and the digital market for perception management.
Making Balıkesir a fair, festival and expo city will contribute to the economy of all sectors. Because such organizations bring new customers from transportation to accommodation, from food producers to restaurants, even to markets, gas stations and all tradesmen.
Balikesir has a rich infrastructure in sectors such as food, logistics, transportation and tourism, but it could not get the strong and popular position it deserves due to PR deficiencies.
Our city, which has risen with the Marka Şehir Balıkesir project in recent years, will go a long way towards achieving its goals both with the continuation of this project and with the International Breakfast Festival.
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■What are the contributions of Balıkesir International Breakfast Festival to our city and region?

Our prime purpose is to ensure that Balıkesir, the city that feeds Turkey, gets the credit it deserves in the world of gastronomy.
Fairs, festivals, congresses and expo events are some of many ways to achieve this goal. In addition, the festival organization will create an attraction in Balıkesir center and its districts.
Our participating companies will have an opportunity to introduce their brands and products to both Balıkesir residents and Turkey.
Our companies and our city will become more dynamic as there will be participation from abroad to the festival. Many of our manufacturers, who are strong in terms of suppliers, will now be able to directly participate in the relevant markets with greater brand recognition.