■ How will the participation process of the companies take place?

The stands will be delivered ready to the companies that want to open a stand at the festival. A stand will be 4 meters long and 3 meters wide. Our participating companies will only pay 12,500 TRY + VAT for the 12 square meters ready stand. The stand rental fee to be paid by our companies that want to participate from outside of Balıkesir has been determined as 20,000 TRY + VAT. The participation fee to be collected from our companies will be used to meet a part of the festival organization budget. It is envisaged that at least 72 companies will participate in the festival. Firms will be able to apply the designs they want in their stands. Design applications, stand dressing and other special requests of the companies will be met by themselves. Our companies can rent more than one booth if they wish.